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animal get any action? >> what do you mean action? >> stephen: what? >> what do you mean action? >> stephen: groupies, man, we're all adults. action, muppet sex. (laughter) >> so you said it. >> stephen: you made me say it. >> i didn't ask you. >> stephen: i insinuated and you exsin waited. >> i might have drawn you out, but it was there. >> stephen: do muppets have sex? (laughter) >> what? (laughter) >> stephen: i'm wondering how you get new muppets, is all i'm asking. how do you get new muppets? >> i'm a big boy. >> stephen: we're all adults here. >> well, i don't actually -- i haven't performed there the muppets for many years and when i did i didn't make the characters. there was a tremendous amount of people who were very talented who were the workshop who made the characters. >> stephen: so that's where the action is. >> i can't tell you what actually happens there, whether there's action or not. >> stephen: it's a family show. >> but it was done in the workshop. >> stephen: okay, good. you were famous for directing "little shop of horrors." >> i am. >> stephen: it's a cul
and be part of the action. i always try to do that just with the style that i direct and the lenses i use. so 3-d is a gift. >> stephen: you already shot the 3 films. why wait, why wait another year for the next one. why not just show me the next one now. >> okay, well, i tell you what, i'm the only person, he is the only person that, we are the only person that have seen the secretary film. i got most of it cut before i came over here. and i said dow guys want to have a look at the second film. this was a few days ago but they were too busy selecting for the premier they said no, no, we'll just see, you can believe that i offered them a chance to see it. >> stephen: well, can you-- i won't do my hair, i promise. did you bring it with you? do you have one on a thumb drive so i canning lock the door and lock you out and take it. >> okay, great. when i do come over? i won't tell anyone except the 4.5 million people on my twitter feed. >> we'll have a talk about that after. >> stephen: okay, all right. this is so amazing-- new zealand is so amazingablyly beautiful. these films so so important to
have never been particularly good at preventative action. human nature is to react to a crisis rather than to get out in front of it. isn't that a difficult job for politicians to get people in front of it? >> this was the opportunity. i was in seattle at an affordable housing place that worked on supportive housing, getting homeless off the streets. they did studies. they took 23 people, put them into supportive housing, cut $1 million off of the bills of the emergency rooms. we did it in newark. we brought together right and left, the manhattan institute, a right-leaning think-tank and said let's keep people out of prison instead of a 65% recidivism rate. you have the largest prison population in the globe. >> jon: isn't the reverse theory if they know they are alone and helpless, then they will build their own homes and food. [laughter] >> honestly, as much as we like to joke, to me i think we can pull our country right and left together on these issues. we've created a pilot... >> it doesn't strike me. i never understood why it's a contentious issue. maybe the contentious issue is
that has as many facial actions as i have as martin in real life. it almost outacts me. >> stephen: it has your emotional range. >> the full a to b, yeah. >> stephen: but this is the level for fame. you're a very famous guy. >> we all know this, yes. (cheers and applause) >> stephen: but are you prepared for this kind of adulation and let's call it market penetration? >> that was one of the proudest days of my life. on the last day of shooting we were all given our own lego figures. it was great. that was honestly one of the highlights for me. the fact that i'm lego, jesus. (laughter) >> stephen: is there a lego legolas? (laughter) >> yes, but he's a legless lego legolas. (cheers and applause) >> stephen: you and benedict cumberbatch who plays sherlock in "sherlock." have you started shooting the next season yet? >> no, we start in march. >> stephen: get on the stick, okay? some of us cannot wait for the rest of it. >> thanks. >> stephen: you're the main character of bilbo and he is the big special effect dragon. do you guys debate over who has the better part? (laughter) well, it's a very
with disabled children to decide what action is in the best interest of their children. this would be especially-- affect those parents who home school their children. ( laughter ). >> jon: yeah, that's-- that's the stuff. that's the stuff. you voted no because your fear is if we sign on to a treaty that is only recommendations for improved disability standards, standards we made the law of the land 20 years ago, what's to stop the men in blue helmets from storming into your living room-- i'm sorry, school-- and force you to build a wheelchair-accessible ramp to the cafeteria-- i'm sorry, your kitchen. ( laughter ) or that adam and eve didn't ride a steggasaurus. is there anything else you object to in this bob-dole-supported treaty that will force americans to bow down to the u.n.? >> this treaty simply has no enforcement mechism. >> jon: mother ( bleep )! ( laughter ) boy, the u.n. really thought of everything. an all-powerful, one-world treaty with no enforcement mechanism. like one of them chinese fingered traps. all you have to do is relax your fingers and i'm free! how about this? how ab
javan belcher's actions and their possible connection to football will be analyzed. who knows? but here is what i believe. if javan belcher didn't possess a gun, he and cassandra perkins would both be alive today sniem and now the marching band. all right. obviously this is a tragedy. it's more complicated than that. if we're going to start addressing issues you have to talk about domestic abuse, mental illness, the head trauma, the football and the drugs they give the guys for pain. i'm assuming that costas is leaving to that cleatus, the fox robot. still he was trying to start a conversation. he succeeded. >> that belonged on nbc cable channel. then you expect that over there. you don't expect that during a football game >> it's nfl sunday. it's half time. god bless america is playing in the background. do i really want bob costas giving me a dissertation on the second amendment? i want to watch football >> jon: really? that's when i go take a piss. but okay. yes an nfl half time show is no time to talk about violence in the nfl. it's a time to watch endless slow-motion replays of tha
the top. for you wrestling fans, there's this autographed arn anderson action figure. because you and i both know i'm not keeping anything with the name arn anderson on it. that's right, arn! i'm calling you out again. you thought just because i took it easy on you for a couple of seasons that i forgot about our bad blood? arn anderson, fat chance! arn! here's the sailboat we used this season. know that there's a ton of assembly required and it doesn't work. whoever buys this is insane. oh, this is our researcher zak's 1986 sweet toyota pickup truck that i've driven in a few bits. runs great, has low mileage -- if you consider less than a 1/4 million low. which i do not. there's no reserve on this, so i want you to keep the bids small. we haven't decided what we'll do with the money yet, but we're open to all of your suggestions. happy bidding. okay, go. captioning sponsored by comedy central ( theme song playing ) ( cheers and applause ) stephen, stephen, stephen! >> thank you, thank you ladies and gentlemen. i got to tell you. that is so beautiful. that is so beautiful. i will take th
action camera is filming you, and a head-mounted camera captures the entire performance in one hit. you don't have to go back and repeat anything. it's just another way of recording an actor's performance. >> stephen: when we were in new zealand last year on set for the hobit, i went over-- mr. jackson showed me a little cut of the film and we have a clip to show the audience. it's part of the riddle theme. i saw this with just you. and then i saw it, and it's all you. i saw-- >> it is not all me. >> stephen: it is, it's all you. it's extraordinary. jim, show him what i'm talking about. >> what is it? my name is billbo bagins. >> what is that? >> i'm a hobit. >> oh! we like hobits. so soft. is it juicy? >> now, now-- i'll do this if i have to. i don't want any trouble. do you understand? just show me the way to get out of here, and i'll be on my way. i want to get unlocked as fast as possible. >> shut up! >> i didn't say anything. >> i wasn't talking to you. ( laughter ). ( applause ) >> stephen: maybe-- maybe a better gollum than "lord of the rings." >> he's a lot hotter basically t
Search Results 0 to 40 of about 41 (some duplicates have been removed)